Alien 3 Maquette
Sideshow and ADI are proud to bring you the 1:4 scale Dog Alien Maquette. The maquette was created using castings from original molds from the original film sculptural and paint studies, reposed to create the most dynamic and display-friendly collectible possible. The creature is captured in a crouching pose, with his whip-like tail held aloft and prepared to strike. The Dog Alien is cast in high-quality polystone, hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards, and promises to be the highest quality and most authentic Dog Alien Maquette ever produced!
Title:                Aliens 
                                                                          Style:               Maquette
                                                                          Size:                L (559mm) x 17" H (432mm) x 18" W (458mm)*
                                                                          Edition:           N/A
                                                                          Year:               21.12.2007